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Tatum Sharp NORCO Volleyball 2025 Western Carolina
Fernanda Sanchez Momentum Volleyball 2024 Concorida @ Wisconsin
Kallie Rogers Altitude Volleyball 2024 Eastern University
Griffin Hotchkiss FRVC Volleyball 2024 UC Santa Cruz
Evy Oltman D'Evelyn High School Tennis 2024

Cal Lutheran

Tea Evans NORCO Volleyball 2024

New College of Florida 

Hannah Crowe FRVBC Volleyball 2024 UTEP
Alivia Eikenberg FRVBC Volleyball 2025 Portland State
Makayla Foster Juggernaut Volleyball 2024 Nebraska Kearney
Toni Carochi CSA 18-Navy Volleyball 2024 Bethany KS
Kennedey Johnson North Alabama Volleyball 2024 SE Missouri State
Shawn Zheng FRVBC Volleyball 2024 Vassar College
Caitlyn Chatterley 303 Volleyball 2024 Caspar College
Karlyn Frazier FRVBC Volleyball 2024

Central Arkansas

Amelia Perla 303 Volleyball 2024 Cal Poly Humboldt
Myla Wilkes Erie HS Track 2024 CU Boulder
Audrey Hollis FRVBC Volleyball 2025 UCSD
Peyton Plant Southern IL Volleyball 2023 TX A & M Commerce
Natalie Hamann CSA 17-Navy Volleyball 2024 CSU Pueblo
Olivia Hertzog Mizuno LB Rockstar Volleyball 2023 Univ. of San Diego
Emily Schwab CVA 17-Navy Volleyball 2024 Cal St. Humboldt
Lexi McCullough GAVC18-Lisa (Adrenaline) Volleyball 2023 Berea
Rowan Ramsey Diff Volleyball 2023 Arkansas Ft. Smith
Sadie Lewis CVA Volleyball 2023 Cowley County CC
Allie Mertens Thompson valley HS Volleyball 2023 Laramie CCC
Lillia Neill COJOS Volleyball 2023  Lynn University
Rita Nua Juggernaut Volleyball 2023

Tuskegee University

Kyra Kisting Momentum Volleyball 2023 Easternn University
Claudia Rossi FRVBC Volleyball 2023 Texas Tech
Reina Krueger FRVBC Volleyball 2023 Chaminade
Sanaa Grant FRVBC Volleyball 2023 Albany State University
Liv Beckish COJOS Volleyball 2023 Colorado College
Shanelle Puetz Wave Volleyball 2023 Florida Gulf Coast University
Carys Norten Momentum 18-1 James Volleyball 2023 Adams State
Chase Koepke Long Beach Rockstar 18-Mizuno Volleyball 2023 Hawaii Hilo
Maddie Jones FRVBC 18-1 Black Volleyball 2023 Avila University
Rachel Mau NORCO 18-1 Black Volleyball 2023 South Dakota School of Mines
Sophia Knevelbaard Rocky Elite Volleyball 2024 Biola
Andi Nothdurft AZ Storm Volleyball 2023 CSU Pueblo
Nicole Martin Cheyenne Mtn - COJOS Volleyball 2023 Colorado Mesa
Kaci Young Cherokee Trail - CVA Volleyball 2023

Graceland University

Vanila Pulu-Saliafu Cypress College Volleyball 2022

North Carolina Central University

Skye Ramsey Delaware State Volleyball 2022 Montclair State (3rd Scholarship)
Rachel Gonzales Cypress College Volleyball 2022 Catawba University (2nd Scholarship)
Lillia Neill Broomfield HS Volleyball 2023 Charleston Southern University
Jonny Trigg Cherry Creek HS Golf 2022 CO School of Mines
Audrey Brgoch Lutheran HS Volleyball 2022 Black Hills State University
Katie Bell Pine Creek HS Volleyball 2022 Black Hills State University!
Morgan Ruff Loveland HS Volleyball 2022 Missouri Baptist
Mia Christenson UC Riverside Volleyball 2022 Cal State San Marcos
Macy Shreffler Cowley County CC Volleyball 2022 Emporia State - JC Transfer!
Whitney Hollins CO Momentum VBC Volleyball 2022 Park University
Gabi Maas FRVBC Volleyball 2022 TCU

Lucas Schulte

Valor Christian Golf 2022

CO School of Mines

Nick Olquin Huntington Beach HS Swimming 2022 Ashland University
Mason Shaffer Mtn. Ridge HS Golf 2022 Menlo College
Gabi Brown VCU Transfer Volleyball 2022 Irvine Valley JC Sand / Indoor
Sydney Stenson FRVBC Volleyball 2022 UNLV
Maren Cacciato FRVBC Volleyball 2022 KS Wesleyan
Amaris Smith Rocky Select Volleyball 2022 Long Island
Molly Ramming FRVBC Volleyball 2022 Central Oklahoma
Lillie Lynch Momentum  Volleyball 2022

University of Catawba

Mya James FRVBC  Volleyball 2021

Lynn University

Ali Waller NORCO Volleyball 2022 CO Mesa
Kelsie Milkowski UMKC  Volleyball 2021 Northern Colorado
Skye Ramsey Fullerton CC Volleyball 2021 Delaware State
Alex Leitner Niagara University / CVA 18-1 Mizuno Volleyball 2021 Shippensburg
Aiden Kallevig Boulder Creek HS Golf 2021 Grand Canyon University
Libby Goodman Univ of North Alabama Volleyball 2020 Colorado Christian University
Alex Leitner Niagara University / CVA 18-1 Mizuno Volleyball 2021 Shippensburg
Aiden Kallevig Boulder Creek HS Golf 2021 Grand Canyon University
Madison Folks  Chatfield Sr High School / NORCO 17 Black  Volleyball 2021 UNCW
Madison Folks  Chatfield Sr High School / The Lab Volleyball 2021 UNCW
Abbey Telesz Ponderosa High School / Rocky Select 17-1 Black  Volleyball 2021 Juniata
Ashley Rants Chaparral High School / Front Range 17 Silver  Volleyball 2021 Louisiana Monroe
Sydney Benson Golden High School / Flourish Volleyball Volleyball 2021 Mercer University
Kelli Ell  Mountain Vista High School / Rocky Select 16-1 Black  Volleyball 2021 Midwestern State University
Charlee K Cordts Mountain Vista HS / FRVBC 18-1 Black Volleyball 2021 St. Peters
Doris Chuang Woodrow Wilson HS / Mizuno Long Beach 17-Rockstar Volleyball 2021 NAVY!
Emma Ziegler Valor Christian High School / Front Range 18 Black  Volleyball 2021 Denver University
Allie Livingston Los Alamitos High School / Momentous 17-1 Dan Volleyball 2021 Gustavus Adolphus University
Isabella Vezzani  Lutheran High School / The Diff 18 Arete  Volleyball 2021 University of Utah
Kendall Osgood Los Alamitos High School / Seal Beach 17-Black  Volleyball 2021 McNeese State University
Claire Wohlleber Mountain Vista HS / Rocky Select 18-1 Black (’20) Volleyball 2020 University of Southern New Hampshire
Lauren Mena Fountain Valley HS / Seal Beach Volleyball Club Volleyball 2021 Dixie State University
Brinn Schwab CVA Volleyball 2022 Nebraska Wesleyan

FAFSA for 2023-2024 School Year Opens on October 1

This article came from one of our previousKid's Dads - For informational purposes only.

October is the kickoff month for financial aid. That's when incoming and returning college students can start filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the next academic year. The FAFSA is a prerequisite for federal student loans, grants, and work-study, and may be required by colleges before they distribute their own institutional aid to students.

How do I submit the FAFSA?

The FAFSA for the 2023-2024 school year opens on October 1, 2022. Here are some tips for filing it.

  • The fastest and easiest way to submit the FAFSA is online at studentaid.gov.The site contains resources and tools to help you complete the form, including a list of the documents and information you'll need to file it. The online FAFSA allows your tax data to be directly imported from the IRS, which speeds up the overall process and reduces errors. The FAFSA can also be filed in paper form, but it will take much longer for the government to process it.
  • Before you file the FAFSA online, you and your child will each need to obtain an FSA ID (federal student aid ID), which you can also do online by following the instructions. Once you have an FSA ID, you can use the same one each year.
  • You don't need to complete the FAFSA in October, but it's a good idea to file it as early as possible in the fall. This is because some federal aid programs operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Colleges typically have a priority filing date for both incoming and returning students; the priority filing date can be found in the financial aid section of a college's website. You should submit the FAFSA before that date.
  • Students must submit the FAFSA every year to be eligible for financial aid (along with any other college-specific financial aid form that may be required, such as the CSS Profile). Any colleges you list on the FAFSA will also get a copy of the report.
  • There is no cost to submit the FAFSA.

How does the FAFSA calculate financial need?

The FAFSA looks at a family's income, assets, and household information to calculate a family's financial need. This figure is known as the expected family contribution, or EFC. All financial aid packages are built around this number.

When counting income, the FAFSA uses information in your tax return from two years earlier. This year is often referred to as the "base year" or the "prior-prior year." For example, the 2023-2024 FAFSA will use income information in your 2021 tax return, so 2021 would be the base year or prior-prior year.

When counting assets, the FAFSA uses the current value of your and your child's assets. Some assets are not counted and do not need to be listed on the FAFSA. These include home equity in a primary residence, retirement accounts (e.g., 401k, IRA), annuities, and cash-value life insurance. Student assets are weighted more heavily than parent assets; students must contribute 20% of their assets vs. 5.6% for parents.

Your EFC remains constant, no matter which college your child attends. The difference between your EFC and a college's cost of attendance equals your child's financial need. Your child's financial need will be different at every school.

After your EFC is calculated, the financial aid administrator at your child's school will attempt to craft an aid package to meet your child's financial need by offering a combination of loans, grants, scholarships, and work-study. Keep in mind that colleges are not obligated to meet 100% of your child's financial need. If they don't, you are responsible for paying the difference. Colleges often advertise on their website and brochures whether they meet "100% of demonstrated need."

Should I file the FAFSA even if my child is unlikely to qualify for aid?

Yes, probably. There are two good reasons to submit the FAFSA even if you don't expect your child to qualify for need-based aid.

First, all students attending college at least half time are eligible for unsubsidized federal student loans, regardless of financial need or income level. ("Unsubsidized" means the borrower, rather than the federal government, pays the interest that accrues during school, the grace period, and any deferment periods after graduation.) If you want your child to be eligible for this federal loan, you'll need to submit the FAFSA. But don't worry, your child won't be locked in to taking out the loan. If you submit the FAFSA and then decide your child doesn't need the student loan, your child can decline it through the college's financial aid portal before the start of the school year.

Second, colleges typically require the FAFSA when distributing their own need-based aid, and in some cases as a prerequisite for merit aid. So filing the FAFSA can give your child the broadest opportunity to be eligible for college-based aid. Similarly, many private scholarship sources may want to see the results of the FAFSA.

Changes are coming to next year's FAFSA

Changes are coming to the 2024-2025 FAFSA, which will be available October 1, 2023. These changes are being implemented a year later than originally planned. One notable modification is the term "expected family contribution," or EFC, will be replaced by "student aid index," or SAI, to better reflect what this number is supposed to represent — a measure of aid eligibility and not a definite amount of what families will pay. Other important changes are that parents with multiple children in college at the same time will no longer receive a discount in the form of a divided SAI; income protection allowances for both parents and students will be increased; and cash support to students and other types of income will no longer have to be reported on the FAFSA, including funds from a grandparent-owned 529 plan.


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